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Update from the North York Moors National Park 21 December 2016

The money is not in yet. The latest estimate we have based on the completion of the said housing units is the end of January 2017.

In terms of claiming. I would expect claimants to write to this Authority setting out their claim and including the following:

  • Confirmation that all necessary steps are in place/ have been taken, to secure the goods or services or relevant contract within the next 12 months of their letter/email,
  • Details of the bank account the monies are to be transferred into (including sort code and account number) ,
  • Confirmation that the monies will only be spent on the items set out in the bid schedule and spent within two years of the receipt of the monies,
  • Confirmation that the recipient person/group will submit to the Authority written evidence that the grant has been duly spent within two months of the spending,
  • Confirmation that if the grant is not spent on the works set out in the bid submission or within two years of receipt the monies, the monies will be paid back to the Authority with indexation.
  • On receipt of a satisfactory written claim, I will endeavour to have the monies paid into the nominated bank account within 5 working days.


S106 Funding Decisions letter from the North York Moors National Park  17th November 2016 - letter discusses the criteria and gives the amounts awarded to each project.

 Helmsley’s getting a windfall!

Helmsley’s getting a windfall!   s106 funding

The new housing being built to the north of Helmsley market place is nearly finished – and the terms of the planning permission mean that within the next few months the developers will be paying over £46,000 to the National Park. See tab to left.

Please come along to an exhibition of proposals in Helmsley Town Hall Meeting Room on Friday 14th October to Monday 17th October anytime between 11:00am-3:00pm

The consultation closes at noon on Monday 24th October. Feedback form - click here, at the library and at newsagents in town and should be returned to Helmsley Town Council. All feedback will be sent to the NYM National Park who will decide how the funding is allocated. Bids have been put in for the following projects that, due to the terms of the funding agreement, had to be within the Park: Please click on each name for the application form for the project.

1st Helmsley Scout Group - Camping for all, Bell Tents

Helmsley Bowling Club - Move western boundary of bowling green

Helmsley Community Library – Extended Services Programme

Helmsley Community Primary School - Climbing Frame Restoration & Safety Flooring

Helmsley Community Primary School - Raised bed gardens for fruit & veg

Helmsley Community Primary School - Sensory Contemplation Garden

Helmsley Community Primary School - Trim Trail

Helmsley Recreation Charity - Outdoor gym

Helmsley Recreation Charity – Report on the Proposed Helmsley Open Swimming Pool Programme of Refurbishment and partial funding of immediate work.

Helmsley Recreation Charity - Pavilion heating

Helmsley Recreation Charity - Rotating Cone Climber & Flying Saucer

Helmsley Town Hall Trustees – Renovation project

Helmsley Walled Garden – Community Kitchen


When building work to the north of Helmsley market place (behind the Black Swan) nears completion this Summer, the terms of the Section 106 planning agreement dictate that the developers will pay the sum of £46,370 to the National Park.

The planning agreement states that the money must be spent on:

“…extensions and improvements to the existing open space, community and leisure facilities, and schools and educational facilities in the administrative area of the National Park Authority, the need for which directly arises from the development.”

The National Park has asked Helmsley Town Council to assist them in deciding how to allocate the money by carrying out a consultation process with the residents of Helmsley.

The consultation process

Helmsley Town Council has planned a consultation process that will consist of four stages:


A leaflet has been prepared and delivered to every house in Helmsley, giving background information about the Section 106 money and how it is to be spent. The leaflet describes the different stages of the consultation process and how residents can participate in it, and also includes advice for anyone wishing to apply for funding.

The first step in the application process is the submission of an Expression of Interest Form; this is a very brief form which will allow the Town Council to establish whether potential applications meet the two basic criteria set out in the Section 106 agreement, i.e. that they:

· are located in (or mainly operating within) the National Park. Potential applicants are reminded that the A170 forms the boundary of the National Park, and that areas to the north and west of the A170 fall within the Park.

· offer a community benefit as described in the quotation above.

Links to the Expression of Interest Form are available at the foot of this page.

Completed Expression of Interest forms must be returned to the Helmsley Town Council office by 12 noon on Monday 8th August.

The Town Council will contact applicants within one working week of the closing date – either to send them a formal application form, or to let them know if the Town Council considers that their proposal does not meet the basic criteria.

 The Town Council met on the 8th August and decided that the following Expressions of Interest met the basic criteria.



Organisation Name

Project Title


Helmsley Community Primary School

Sensory Contemplation Garden


Helmsley Community Primary School

Helmsley CP School Trim Trail


Helmsley Community Primary School

Helmsley CP School Raised Bed Gardens (For fruit and veg.)


Helmsley Community Primary School

Helmsley CP School Climbing Frame Restoration and Safety Flooring


1st Helmsley Scout Group

Camping for All


Helmsley Recreation Charity. Reg No 523358

Pavilion Heating Installation


Helmsley Community Library Group

Developing Helmsley Community Library


Helmsley Bowling Club

Improvement to Helmsley bowling green


Helmsley Bowling Club

Extension to Helmsley Bowling green


Helmsley Recreation Charity. Reg No 523358

Outdoor Gym


Helmsley Recreation Charity. Reg No 523358

Rotating Cone Climber and other play equipment


Helmsley Town Hall Renovation Project (HTHRP)

Helmsley Town Hall (Registered Charity No: 523360)


Helmsley Walled Garden (Charity No 1074448)

Community Kitchen at Helmsley Walled Garden


Helmsley Open Air Swimming Pool (Third Party)

Helmsley Open Air Heated Swimming Pool


No organisation.  From a resident.

Public Toilets


All applicants whose projects meet the basic criteria will be invited to submit a formal application. Applicants will also be forewarned about Stage 3 of the process (see below) so that they can begin preparations as soon as they wish.

The Formal Application form requires more detailed information about the applicants, the projects and the potential benefits to the community. Links to the Formal Application Form are at the bottom of this page.

Formal applications must be returned to the Helmsley Town Council office by 12 noon on Monday 19th September.


There will be a four day exhibition of proposals in the Town Hall from Friday 14th – Monday 17th October 11am - 3pm. Applicants will be allotted equal amounts of space in which to display information relating to their application, and residents will be invited to view the displays and to leave written feedback.

 The consultation closes on Monday 24th October and any feedback must be received by Helmsley Town Council by noon. 

All the written feedback will then be transcribed and sent to the North York Moors National Park who will allocate the funding.

Links to downloadable forms: 

Expression of Interest Form (Word version)  

Expression of Interest Form (PDF version)

Formal Application Form (Word version)

Formal Application Form (PDF version)