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Town Clerk: Ms Victoria Ellis
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Cosmos or Enterprise Multiplay for 7 to 14 year olds.

Cosmos Multiplay

Enterprise Multiplay

Helmsley Town Council has decided to spend the £34,500 developer contribution for the new houses on Riccal Drive (CIL-Community Infrastructure Levy) plus an additional £10,500 on The Limes Play Area.

Some of the funding will go on a large new steel multiplay - which do you prefer?

A - The Cosmos

B - The Enterprise

Please let the council know by noon on Friday 17th September at the very latest, either via email, a note to the Town Clerk, or on Helmsley Town Council's Facebook Page (consultation will be pinned to the top of the page).

There will be a separate 2.1m slide, the same height as the existing one, a small multiplay for younger children, and a new frame for the swings as they will have to be moved. One of the toddler cradle swings will be replaced by a 'you to me' swing for parents with young children. A round picnic table from Helmsley Sawmill will be installed.

Sturdy Delta Multiplay

Slide 2.1m

You and Me Swing