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Helmsley Town Council has two budgets for grants, the small grants budget for grants of usually up to £300, and larger grants for Sports, Recreation and the Pool at the Baxton Road facilities. There is a simple form to complete and applications can be made for 1, 2 or 3 consecutive years. Sports Clubs that are connected with Helmsley Sports Club CIO are asked to provide written support from HSC with their application.

To be considered at a Council meeting an application must be received by Monday the week before the meeting. Successful applicants will be invited to attend the Annual Parish Assembly to talk for a few minutes on how the grant was spent and how it benefited residents.

In March 2022 the council resolved to agree a condition that applicants for grants over £1,000pa provide the council with their accounts for their most recent financial year (draft acceptable if within 4 months) and that if a Registered Charity that their accounts & Trustee Annual Return submissions to the Charity Commission are up-to-date and available online if the CC requires them. These conditions to be met each year of any long-term agreement. Newly formed organisations who cannot provide accounts for a year must provide a Business Plan.

Link to Grant Application Form and Policy

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