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Town Clerk: Ms Victoria Ellis
The Old Vicarage, Bondgate
Helmsley, Yorkshire YO62 5BP


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Helmsley Town Council customarily allocates a small sum of money in its annual budget to offer grants or donations to organisations whose activities benefit Helmsley and its residents.

The value of any single grant or donation will not usually exceed £250. The council often awards 3-year agreements. Please complete an application form (see end of page).

The Town Clerk will acknowledge the application and inform the applicant of the date of the meeting at which he Council will decide whether to make a grant or donation. The clerk will inform the applicant of the council's decision within a week of the meeting. The response will usually:

  • state whether or not the Council has decided to offer a grant or donation
  • specify the amount offered
  • list any conditions upon which an offer is made
  • specify how and when payment will be made (usually by BACS unless a cheque is specifically requested), subject to an offer being accepted

The response will not usually give any reasons for the Council's decision, nor will the Council be under any obligation to do so.

The Council may ask for a brief written report and/or photographs and/or comments from Helmsley residents, recording how a grant has been spent, and how it has benefited our community, and these may be published on the Town Council's website, or in its newsletter.

Please note that applications for funding received from the Helmsley Recreation Charity (Charity Number: 523358) will be considered exceptional to, and separately from, grants or donations usually made by the Council as described above - Helmsley Town Council acts as the sole trustee of the Helmsley Recreation Charity and provides and maintains the recreation ground and associated facilities on Baxton's Road for the benefit of the inhabitants of Helmsley Parish.

Further information on funding for local organizations may be found here: http://www.ryedale.gov.uk/services/community-living/community-grants/community-grants.html

Grant Awards by Helmsley Town Council