Serving the people of Helmsley and Carlton

Helmsley Town Crier - David Hinde

David Hinde is Helmsley's Official Town Crier. He was appointed by Helmsley Town Council in 2016 to assist Helmsley Town Council and Helmsley in Business to promote Helmsley to visitors and residents alike.

David is a Member of the Ancient & Honourable Guild Of Town Criers and one of the finest Town Criers in England. He has won many Trophies at Town Crier Competitions all around the UK for Helmsley and organised special Town Crier Competitions for the Town in Helmsley's Walled Garden. This attracted a lot of UK-wide publicity from all media including TV, radio and newspapers.

In 2020 David was still the World's Loudest Recorded Town Crier with a record set in 2013 at 114.8 decibels. He attracted a worldwide following after his appearance in the Universal Pictures Dad's Army Movie, led a Grand St George's Day Parade and met HRH Prince Charles in 2013.

Town Criers in England date back to 1066 when William the Conqueror introduced them as part of The Royal Court. Their role was to announce his laws and important events and news in all towns in England.

Modern day Criers have a key promotional role in assisting events and providing a heritage cultural link to those times.

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