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Helmsley over the weekend

Helmsley over the weekend

Helmsley Town Council has received comments and complaints over the last few days, by email and phone, about visitors, social distancing and traffic speeds - particularly on the Bilsdale road and the A170 Linkfoot Lane.

The complaints were referred to Ryedale District Council and the police. Here is the police response as of 2pm.

Churchyard "Urinating in Public is a local bylaw, It can be enforced if there is a by law in place of which we believe there isn't, we are liaising with RDC for this to be considered. There is also an offence of Out-rage in public decency which covers obscene, lewd or disgusting nature. However we ask that the public call should call us if this is observed." Please do.

Social Distancing As the Police we follow Government Legislation. To be clear at this time, there is no restriction in legislation on people travelling to open spaces. The Government Guidelines to social distancing is just that. The Police have no powers Health Protection (Coronavirus, restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020 to enforce the 2 metre rule."

Traffic "We have asked that the safety camera team and Road Policing be deployed in the Helmsley area and there will be extra patrols by the Safer neighbourhood team."

For more information about the photo please see The Helmsley Archive website, Ref HA08126, or search 'motor'.

Posted: Mon, 18 May 2020 13:45 by Victoria Ellis

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